Hearing Aids

Better Living Audiology is your source for the most advanced hearing technology from professional, trusted hearing experts. Whether you are active and on-the-go, or living life at a more leisurely pace, there is a solution to fit the needs of your hearing loss and your lifestyle. There are many factors you need to consider when choosing a hearing aid. Understanding your hearing needs and the various hearing aid devices available is essential to choosing the right solution for your specific needs. Our hearing doctors will help you find the most appealing and comfortable device. The first step in finding the right solution for your hearing loss is to call our office to schedule a hearing evaluation.

Better Living Audiology offers hearing aids from all major manufacturers that provide state of the art sound processing and can be virtually invisible on your ear. Current hearing aid technology is capable of helping you hear better in even the most challenging and noisy listening environments. Many of today’s hearing aids are also capable of communicating wirelessly with your phone, computer, television, MP3 player and many other devices! Better Living Audiology offers the best selection of hearing aids in Vermont.

Two styles (receiver-in-canal and the completely-in-canal) are the industry leaders and represent the majority of our modern day fittings.

Better Living Audiology offers the Lyric hearing aid.

LYRIC Hearing Aids: 100% Invisible!

This is Lyric – the world’s most advanced, 100% invisible, 24/7 wearable for-months-at-a-time hearing instrument.

Lyric takes advantage of the ear’s anatomy, resting in the sweet spot next to your eardrum to deliver superior sound quality, comfort and convenience. No batteries to change. No need to store or remember every day. ZERO daily hassle. When they wear out, simply visit Better Living Audiology for a new set.

Call today to take advantage of our exclusive, risk-free 45-day trial!

One more reason Better Hearing is BETTER LIVING.