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Northern Vermont’s Hearing and Balance Healthcare Provider

Better hearing is BETTER LIVING. ®

Better Living Audiology

Better Living Audiology is Northern Vermont’s hearing and balance healthcare provider. Our Audiologists are doctors dedicated to providing the highest level of medically-oriented diagnostic and treatment services for individuals with hearing loss, balance disorders, and tinnitus. We provide state-of-the-art technology and truly professional care, according to your priorities.

Fitting a large selection of hearing aids in all styles from basic to premium levels of technology, and offering repair and maintenance for most devices, at affordable prices you deserve and expect.

Make a commitment to your hearing and balance health, and realize better hearing is Better Living!

To schedule a hearing, balance, or tinnitus evaluation, call South Burlington: (802)-651-9374 or  Middlebury: (802)-989-7210

Please Note: We do accept most major insurances.  You may want to check with your insurance company prior to your appointment regarding coverage.  At this time, we do not accept VT Medicaid/ Green Mountain Care.


  • I had an excellent experience with Dr. Bier. In just one appointment, we checked my hearing, decided on a device and installed it on a trial basis. So simple.
    Jack G
  • Dr. Bier introduced me to Lyric hearing aids after using a behind-the-ear model for several years. I hear sounds I have never heard before and with remarkable quality. Thank you Dr. Bier!
    Ken E
  • Better Living Audiology and Dr. Bier provide an atmosphere of trust in a relaxed setting. Dr. Bier is a good mixture of proper humor, knowledge and professionalism. All of my questions and concerns were addressed including tips for goof maintenance and what to expect as I got used to these aids.
    Harald A
  • “I was concerned I had some hearing loss. My condition was explained to me and a course of action put in place. They were wonderful even accepting of my embarrassment and not wanting to go through the process of defining hearing loss and how to live a better life with it. Thanks to everyone there. So kind and understanding. I really appreciate all you’ve done for me.”
    Noah H.
  • “Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. All of the procedures were done with a high level of professionalism and care. All of my questions were answered and I received zero bs. Highly recommend!”
    Sean M.
  • “My recent appointment with Doctor Bier was absolutely marvelous in every sense. To be honest, for several years I had delayed making an appointment with an audiologist. Since my recent very relaxed appointment with Doctor Bier, I have taken the time to discuss her carefully explained findings with my husband and my daughter. We three agreed that I would be wise to move ahead with some options presented to me by Doctor Bier. I look forward to visiting with her again in the very near future.”
    Patricia R.
  • “I had a great experience at Better Living Audiology last week. Dr. Corey Enfanto Au.D. was fantastic, professional and super helpful with my hearing aid issues. She gave me sound advice, and quickly followed up with additional information the next day as she said she would. I would highly recommend Better Living Audiology for your hearing needs - I am a very happy client”
    Suzanne J.
  • “My experience was thorough, efficient and provided me with all of the information I need to select hearing devices to resolve my issue. I would strongly recommend Better Living Audiology to any one with hearing loss”
    John H.
  • “I had a wonderful experience at Better Living Audiology. Everyone at the office was very friendly. Two of my children and I all got hearing tests. I also got a new hearing aid and adjustments made. Great office. I will certainly continue as a patient and recommend to others.”
    Scott C.
  • “Better Living Audiology and Dr Julie Bier offer a wonderful service. The entire staff are responsive, friendly, and knowledgeable. They take pride in caring for their patients and are quick to remedy any problems with their products. I am especial happy that when a problem occurs requiring my hearing aids to be sent for an update that they provide a pair of loaner hearing aids while mine are being fixed.”
    Bob T.
  • “After visiting other providers, I had lost all hope of getting the help I needed. Upon recommendation of another person experiencing hearing loss, I visited Better Living. The doctor was kind and professional, conducting a thorough and complete hearing exam that included a candid discussion on my options and referral to another provider for more intensive testing. I left the appointment knowing that I had been heard and now have a trusted advisor and partner in my hearing care. I cannot recommend Better Living Audiology highly enough.”
    Jedi B.
  • The therapy that Dr. Bier recommended for me for tinnitus and noise sensitivity has been invaluable. She clearly has a strong research background and puts it to good use. Dr. Bier is very personable and professional. I recommended her to a senior neighbor considering a first set of hearing aids and Dr. Bier was incredibly compassionate and reassuring to her. I highly recommend Dr. Bier and Better Living Audiology.”
  • “So it turns out that I don't actually have much hearing loss right now, which became fairly clear after the first round of tests. Aside from a nice clean office, and general professionalism and friendliness, I was sincerely impressed with Dr. Gibeault's honest advice that I really did't need to buy a hearing aid right now, even though I could _easily_ have been convinced otherwise by a slightly less scrupulous doctor. I can recommend putting your trust in their services with full confidence!”
    Craig B.